Tips For Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Are you looking to hire a professional photographer but not sure where to start?! It can be a very daunting task sifting through recommendations and the many different webpage’s and social media pages. Not to mention you’re guaranteed to be flooded with advertisements once you hit that search button, or even speak the word… that still creeps me out lol. Whilst recommendations are definitely a great place to start, before you begin asking that question you need to first establish a base line of what YOU want in a photographer. Here are some questions to get you started!

  • What is your budget? As much as we would all love to have deep pockets, you need to be realistic with what you can afford. How much are you willing to invest, how much do you have to invest, and do you want a payment plan option so you can push your budget a little further for the right investment?

  • What style of Photographer are you looking for? Do you want a more classic posing feel, documentary, lifestyle. How do you want your photos to reflect your day. If you’re not sure, jump on pinterest or social media and look up wedding photography, what photos are you drawn to?

  • What do you want captured on the day? What moments are the most important must haves, the moments you want to always be able to look back on to remember your day?

  • How do you want to receive your images? Albums, printing, digital? What do you want to walk home with at the end of the day.

Now that you have a baseline to work with, the fun starts… exploring your options! So you have recommendations, you’ve googled, you have a big long list of photographer’s to sort through, where do you start?! Here are some tips to finding the right photographer for you!

  • Start by checking their webpage! You will be able to see instantly if their editing and photographic style is what your looking for. Cross the ones off your list that do not meet this need! Be sure to check their most recent work, especially if you’re referring to social media. If you need more, ask!

  • Read their bio! This is the best way before speaking to them, that you can get a feel for whether they may be the right photographer for you. You don’t want to be spending your day working closely with someone who is not a fit for you!

  • Check their testimonials and reviews. This is more than just a rating system, and more about the content, what are people saying? Most importantly, if there is a not so good review, why is this so? Check the photographers response to any negative reviews as well, as it is great way to get a true picture. Remember, a review is someones opinion, and we all have different opinions!

  • Get in contact! Ask, ask, ask! You know what is important to you on the day, so ask the questions. Can you help me? Do you have what I am looking for and can you provide the service I am after? Through your search, did you come across something you weren’t sure about? Ask!

  • When you know they meet your needs, its time to talk budget. Can they work within your budget? Can they offer that payment plan? What are you willing to invest for the right photographer?

  • Most importantly, if it doesn’t feel right… don’t do it! Intuition is very powerful and scientifically proven to be more valuable than we often give credit for. So trust it!

Whether it’s your big day or a small portrait session, every photographer wants you to walk away with images that speak to you, that you are proud to display in your home, share with your family and friends, or simply be able to look back on and remember with a smile.